Tips for Creating Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces

If you watch home design television shows, you may have found yourself pining after the beautiful outdoor spaces. The good news is that you can build spaces like these in your own backyard, creating a tranquil outdoor sanctuary for your family and guests. Though the perfect outside area will depend on your likes and design preferences, here are just a few ways that you can create an inspiring outdoor living spaces:

Get creative with your fire pit.

Though fire pits are a common element in backyards across the U.S., adding a fresh twist to your fire pit design can take transform your outdoor space into a stunning, modern deck for entertaining guests. Add custom benches with comfortable cushions in a sleek pattern that speaks to your design tastes. Position these benches around a modern fire pit to build a gathering space that’s perfect for parties or family gatherings.


Fire Table with Built-in seating

Add a kitchen to your outdoor space.

If you love to grill, then an outdoor kitchen is a must on your patio. Incorporate an outdoor kitchen island, which offers more cooking surfaces than your typical grill with a cleaner aesthetic that can blend naturally into the design of your outdoor space. Include a refrigerator, outdoor kitchen storage, and any necessary accessories to cut down on trips inside. Add a covered dining area with comfortable furniture to create the ideal spot for a summer barbecue.


Turn your outdoor space into a second living room.

For those who enjoy hanging out with friends and family outside, the outdoor living room can offer a comfortable space with a fantastic view. Choose furniture that is luxurious and comfy in a design style that matches the inside of your home to help create a relaxed transition between the inside and outside of your home. If you’re designing and building your new home, consider making this outdoor area accessible to both the living room and the bedroom so that you can still easily enjoy this space when the guests are gone.


Incorporate a water features into your garden.

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of flowing water. A waterscape is a unique element that you can add to your garden to create your own little paradise. Waterfalls, rivers, streams, ponds, and fountains can all be added to your backyard to create a beautiful accent to the existing foliage. These water features can be tailored to your individual needs and design tastes, fitting into your outdoor space and co-existing naturally with the plants and flowers in your garden.