Interior Design Trends for 2017


Let’s face it – construction and interior design go hand and hand. If you have an amazing foundation in your custom new construction home, you’re going to need to appoint it properly with the right furnishings. The design of your space will truly take it to the next level. Grays and blues have been it for the past few years in high end design, but what’s next on the horizon? We did a little digging to see what you’ll want to be showcasing in interior design trends for 2017.

  1. Oxblood and Terracotta
    While cool, gray and blue tones have been popular for the past few years, they’re going to be replaced by warm hues in 2017. Oxblood and terracotta brick in a natural matte finish will be found everywhere from floors to bathrooms to fireplaces. These colors bring a welcoming warmth and color to any home and complement well with the blues that have been so popular for quite some time.
  2. calusa_3rd-ave-025“Unfinished” materials and natural themes
    There’s nothing like the beauty of raw, unfinished materials to bring a little bit of rustic finish to any home. Materials like cork, stone and unfinished wood are really creating an impact for custom homes. Warm textures like fur, hides, paper, concrete, copper and steel are all popular options for high end homes this year, bringing a somewhat Nordic influence to the custom home in 2017.
  3. Bohemian details
    Craftsmanship is something that we tout severely in the high end home, and with it in 2017 we’re finding that influences from India, Japan, Morocco and the Middle East and bringing incredible details to our homes. Mother-of-pearl, hand knotted carpets, basketweave – all of these designs are adding incredible details to the transitional home in their simplistic imperfection. Expect a lot of influence from young African designers this year.
  4. Reading nooks
    In an age where everyone is caught on their phones, more and more homeowners and designers are putting in little areas to escape. In 2017 we will see more and more reading areas and havens for calm and peace in the middle of the chaos. Comfortable couches, linen, lots of comfortable textures and clean, distraction-free spaces are reign.

We’re already working with our design partners to implement these elements into our custom home projects. If you’re looking to design and build your own custom home, make sure you choose a builder with the design expertise to bring your dream into a reality.

Let’s sit down and chat about your custom home for 2017.