4 Considerations in a Custom Home Builder

sideviewWhen you’re talking about building a custom home, it’s a massive investment. You have to spend a lot of your hard-earned money and really trust the builder to create the vision that you’re looking for. Not every builder is going to be a perfect match for you, and not every builder should be trusted to develop a home in the area you’re looking to build in.

Here are 4 considerations that you should take into account when hiring a custom home builder:

  1. Past work.
    In order to get the best idea of what kind of work a custom home builder does, you’ll want to have them take you to one of the homes that they’ve built. Whether that’s a home that has someone living in it or one that they’ve done as a spec home, you need to get an idea of the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that comes with this home builder. You can always look online and get reviews of a homebuilder, but until you see their work in person you don’t know exactly what you may get if you worked with one. By scoping out their past work you’ll know exactly what to expect.
  2. Experience.
    When you’re looking into a home builder, the amount of experience they have working in an area is going to be extremely important. You want an experienced home builder that has dealt with many different scenarios based on where you’re building and also has the longevity and financial stability to make sure your project gets completed. For example, particularly for the Naples area, building on the beach comes with its own set of complications that a builder with experience in this area can navigate fairly easily.
  3. References.
    While this goes right along with past work, it’s important that you get to actually talk to a past client. Ask them what went smoothly and what they would’ve changed about the process. This is a great way to fish for any complications that arose and discover how the homebuilder and homeowner worked through them together. Sometimes these conversations can reveal a lot about how a homebuilder manages clients and different situations as they arise.
  4. Subcontractors
    Your home builder is ultimately the one responsible for the home that will be built. That said, the vetting process for how they select their subcontractors is very important. All of the above considerations that you’re applying in your search for a contractor should also apply to their subcontractors. They should be experienced, reputable, with a large breadth of past work for you to look over.

Building a custom home is a huge investment of money, time and emotion. Make sure that you have selected the right custom home builder that can not only turn your vision into a reality but also take that vision to the next level.

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