Transitional Custom Home Design: The Best of Both Worlds

Transitional design has become quite popular over the past few years, but what exactly does it look like? As the word “transitional” suggests, this style is a mixture between two existing home design styles that each offer homeowners a different aesthetic. By blending elements of both modern and traditional design, the recently popular transitional design style creates a unique and cohesive appearance all its own.

What is Transitional Design?

Transitional design is a mixture of modern and traditional design elements. The result is a classic and sophisticated look that is still modern and on trend. Transitional spaces offer a new spin on classic design features, providing a fun and lively take on traditional design. Most transitional spaces are clean with simple lines, allowing the furniture to be the focal point.


There are many interpretations of the transitional style. A few common elements include:

  • Neutral color palette – Using a neutral color palette allows the furniture to be more of the focal point in any room. Neutral colors like tan and cream can be used with dark browns, blacks, and greys to add depth.
  • Textural elements – Most transitional spaces use a mix of textured elements such as wood, lacquer, fabric, steel, metal, and glass to create simple yet stunning textures that do not take over the space or overwhelm the senses. Use furniture pieces with fun textures and materials for a more modern appeal.
  • Minimalist accents and accessories – Another transitional design element is the limited use of accessories. Instead, these spaces use artful details that do not attract too much attention or become confusing. Use art sparingly, opting for one large piece rather than several smaller pieces.


Overall, transitional design offers you the best of both worlds – the classic and the modern.  Does this sound like your perfect design style? With a few simple tips, you can incorporate some of these transitional design elements into your own home.

How to Create a Transitional Design in Your Home

There is no right or wrong way to create a transitional space. However, blending these two diverse styles together seamlessly can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips for creating transitional spaces in your home:

  • If your home has traditional architectural features, try adding furniture with clean lines and neutral colors to infuse this space with modern design elements.
  • In the kitchen, use modern accessories to give traditional cabinetry an updated feel, like contemporary fixtures and lighting. Steel countertops are also another great modern feature you can add to a more traditional kitchen.
  • If your furniture is in a more modern style, consider using traditional fabrics. If you have more traditional furniture, use modern fabrics or accessories to create a more transitional piece.

Though modern and traditional may seem worlds apart, these two styles can be brought together for a chic and timeless look. The key is to find balance and don’t let one style overtake the other as you create transitional spaces in your home.