4 Modern Custom Home Construction Trends

Home trends are continually evolving and sometimes a little questionable. It seems we can always identify in what decade a home was built or redesigned. Over the last few years some incredible trends have emerged that are mixing rustic and modern elements, using clean and simple architecture with details that really personalize a home to an owner’s unique tastes. By far, the best way to get a completely custom home that caters to your individual personality is to design and build a completely custom home. If you’re starting to look at upgrading or building a custom home, you’ll want to take some time to identify what your individual tastes are, explore some of the emerging trends and find the home that will fit your style. Here are just a few modern custom home construction trends that you should know about if you’re looking to build a new construction home in Naples or anywhere else in Southwest Florida.

  1. Natural elements
    Wood with natural finishes, stone floors, natural stone counters and reclaimed wood throughout – these are just some of the more natural elements that we’re integrating into our modern construction. Washed wood finishes are some of the most popular flooring choices around. A simple search on Houzz or Pinterest will yield tons of different flooring ideas and ways to integrate stone and other elements of nature in your home. The photo above is just one example of how a more natural or washed wood finish can bring a clean and modern look to any home.
  2. Open layouts, ceilings as a focal point
    Open concepts are important for the modern homebuyer, but this is nothing new. Open layouts where kitchens open up into living rooms and the elimination of the separation  between living room and dining room have gone away, for the most part. Barriers have been replaced and clear views of the outside with fewer walls separating rooms are a must in any new construction home. Moving beyond that, though, you’ll find that clean, squared lines and innovative ceiling design are bringing dimension to the formerly flat, white ceiling. Other trends include dropped ceilings, natural wood ceilings, exposed beams, and insets with integrated lighting. These are just a  few of the ways that ceilings are becoming the focal point of the main living space.
  3. Well-Appointed Kitchens
    CALUSA_3rd AVE-009
    The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your family gathers to cook meals and talk about their day. It has to have efficient, purpose-filled storage space without excessive cabinetry (this is particularly important in open concept homes). The chef’s gourmet kitchen is becoming a more and more popular trend. For a long time, granite was the most popular countertop material, but slowly quartz, marble, engineered stone and other counter-top options are emerging as more popular. Lighter cabinetry that complements the grays that are being found on the walls of new homes brings a bright feel to any kitchen, playing off the open concept and allowing the area to feel larger. Counter top seating, high end appliances, wine storage and lit cabinets with clean, modern lines are just a few other kitchen trends that are very popular in custom home construction.
  4. The outdoor space
    Just because we live in Florida doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate this incredible trend. The outdoor space is slowly transforming into an extension of the home, increasing square footage and giving families yet another area to sit and socialize. Beautiful swimming pools with modern, clean lines, seating and shallow shelves for children to play on allow families to cool off. As an alternative, for the winter months, fire pits and benches give guests a place to sit and talk on cool nights. For the most part, screen enclosures are becoming a thing of the past.The ultimate grilling area, and comfortable lounge seating are also very popular options that make the exterior space a true extension of your home.

Whether you’re ready to break ground on your custom new construction home or still dreaming for the future, keep these trends in mind. Construction trends are always evolving, but you can’t go wrong with these basics. Natural elements and neutral colors will be in style for a very long time. Create a space that works for your family and your needs and tastes. Ultimately you’ll find a great balance of what is trending and what structure and function work best for your family. A functional space that exudes your personalities is always best.

When the time comes, be sure to choose a home builder that is well-versed in design trends and new construction custom homes.

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